What I am writing here is based on my own experience and what I observed and learned. It is my point of view and it makes sense to me. It has worked for me and is still working for me. It remains being your responsibility to do your own critical thinking, don’t just believe.

And that is exactly my intention: making you think for yourself.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Glass Ceiling

What's going on ladies? You can't handle a perceived glass ceiling? You feel stuck, blocked by some male chauvinists of average intelligence? You feel unable to outperform them? A bunch of mediocre “afraid of women” jerks? That's why you need a quota? Protection? Like an endangered species?
C'mon ... you can do better than that! You are better than that! Don’t play small.
Unfortunately, that's the situation. Yet, it takes two to tango. And it’s costing society billions of $.
At one hand we have the typical male behavior. And it’s as old as mankind. Fighting out who is the alpha. Biting away others. Marking the territory. At least they don’t pee at the office plants. Or maybe they do? A pack order is established. And the pack members work together. And sometimes even packs do.
At the other hand we have the typical female behavior. Most of the time feeling inferior. Intimidated by the male packs. Harassed. And then they back down and don’t dare anymore to stick their heads out. Victims of the system. The system in place since the beginning of mankind.
Men form ‘unholy alliances’ when necessary. Women prefer often to fight each other. Men play to win. Women play to not lose. Note the difference.
The result is the myth of the glass ceiling. And it plays right into the hands of the ones in power.
There is no glass ceiling. There is just aggressive ‘cavemen behavior’ of males. Males lacking the personal development required to lead. The development to the level of consciousness required by the society of the 21st century.
Ladies, don't accept for yourself your perceived glass ceiling. When you do, you also accept being victims. It’s an excuse. It’s the easy way out. It won’t gain you respect. It’s utter defeat. It’s the obedient acceptance of the female role as second class citizens.
Two groups:
There is a significant number of remarkable, intelligent, outstanding female leaders. Female leaders, who got there without any quota. They succeeded by simply ignoring glass ceilings or breaking through when necessary. And no, they don’t behave like men. Trust me, men are so much better behaving like men, than women ever will. These ladies remained being ladies. Their success lies in understanding this rather primitive game and taking advantage. In their own excellence and intelligence. More than just leaning in.
There is also a significant number of men who acknowledge women, respecting them, and supporting them. Men, intelligent enough, with character. Men at a much higher level of development than the average. Men, who understand the importance of tapping into the enormous potential of female leaders.  Men, who want to advance society knowing that they can only do that together with women.
That is a viable and sustainable solution for our problem. Together these two groups can create the foundation of leadership in the 21st century. Some are doing it already. It needs the initiative from both groups to get and work together. It needs the initiative and the willingness of each one of the members to overcome their old belief systems. Mutually beneficial cooperation / cocreation is the way.
Ladies, you can either learn, understand and play the male power game right. Or, you can create and play a completely new game. The game of leadership of the 21st century. A game developed together and played by members of both genders for the benefit of society at large. That’s the ultimate power: forcing the opponents to play your game by your rules. Forget your quota.
You can disagree with that, agree with it, but you cannot ignore it.
We need you, ladies. We need you now.